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The Municipal Communications Commission and other 13 departments jointly issued the implementation plan for promoting the healthy and stable development of the road freight industry in Guangzhou.

2018-06-29 16:32:59 LEADER CARRY Highlight Read

In order to implement the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the Action Plan for Promoting the Healthy and Stable Development of the Road Freight Industry (2017-2020)” and the 14 departments of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Transportation, etc. The Notice of the Implementation Plan for the Healthy and Stable Development of the Freight Industry (2017-2020) requires that the Municipal Communications Commission jointly the Municipal Political and Legal Committee, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Education Bureau, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Public Security Bureau, the Finance Bureau, and the People The Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the State Administration of Taxation, the Letters and Calls Bureau, the Municipal Network Information Office, and the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions jointly issued the “Guangzhou City Implementation Plan for Promoting the Healthy and Stable Development of the Road Freight Industry”.

The plan combines the actual contents of the Guangzhou freight industry, focusing on reducing the burden of road freight operations, promoting the innovation and development of the freight industry, maintaining a fair and competitive market environment, improving the production and operation conditions of employees, and strengthening the industry's stable control and comprehensive management. And put forward 66 specific implementation measures to promote the road freight industry before the end of 2018 to reduce the burden and reduce the burden of 10 facts in Guangzhou and achieve substantial progress, the road freight industry to improve quality and efficiency before the end of 2020, all work tasks, industry reform Innovation has made breakthrough progress.

In the next step, the Municipal Traffic Commission will work with relevant departments to promote the implementation of various measures in accordance with the content and specific requirements of the plan, promote the market organization of Guangzhou's freight industry, and accelerate the growth of leading enterprises. The new business of "Internet + Freight" has emerged constantly, the efficiency of resource intensive use has been steadily improved, and the industry has continued to develop healthily and steadily. (City Management Bureau)

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